History Edit

Adolf Hipster was born when Bluemin was practicing Discord Magic in his palace. He wanted to summon a Court Magician to play some music for his Guardsmen when they were bored, but something went wrong. The section of the palace got blown up, and while gas had risen to the heavens, there was a naked Adolf Hipster, wildly taking selfies and posting them to his InSStagram account. Bluemin shrugged, clothed him and set him free into the city.

Career Edit

Well, he didn't really have one, you see. As soon as he was set into the city, he didn't play music for everyone to enjoy at all, but was only busy making Snaps and InSStagram pics. Bluemin was severely disappointed that his first try to summon a musician had failed like this, and locked Adolf away in the Palace. Rumour has it that Adolf roams the corridors, taking selfies, to this very day.