Arn the Architect is a young autist from the distant lands of America. Traveling across the seas he sought meaning in his life. He was creative but found no way to express it. One day he found that purpose.

He stumbled across the bizarre lands and observed at first, noting the rise of an admin known as Bluemin who seemed to do most of the work in those lands. Bluemin worked so hard Arn thought that Bluemin was the lord of these bizarre lands but it was no so.....

From the shadows a tyrant known as Luka or something Arn was never sure, actually ruled these lands but hadn't made an appearance in months. During the Chaos of the Great Schism Arn knew that this Luka was another Nero or Caligula. He decided to follow Bluemin and was one of the first to join the Blue realm. Since then he's tirelessly been at work laughing at memes or recently working on the Blue Citadel helping bring it to form. He likes to build stuff and share memes, for the farther the word of Bluemin spreads the brighter and more Brilliant the world shall become.


Arn is a pretty funny and laid back individual who is quick witted. However his luck with the female side of humanity has been less than stellar(despite being very loyal to whatever person or cause he is serving) having been dumped randomly out of the blue or attracting the crazy ones.

Game Skills

In Age of Empires Arn considers himself above average but not at a Korean skill level. Mount n Blade....very average oftentimes blaming ping on his defeat. Also like many other blue guard loves playing anything Byzantine in any style of Paradox Game.