Origins Edit

The Blue Brothel was founded by a Swedish mercenary girlo, called KriSS. She heard of wealth and riches so she came to the Blue City, thinking that she could make a nice profit out of all the thirsty autists. Soon, she set up an illegal meme trafficking ring (trading in e.g. Bill Wurtz memes) while pretending to trade in lewd girlo pics and kinky domination guides. This went well for years, until Bluemin appointed Michael I as his patriarch. After that, things quickly went downhill.

Crisis Edit

Michael I was very suspicious and girl-fearing, telling the whole city the Virgin Mary was the only woman a man needed (though literally, everyone knew he was cracking fat ones daily over peasant girls). Then, when the Great Girlpost Flood nearly ruined the city on the 5th of June, 2017 A.D., Michael I saw his chance and at the head of a force of Orthodox zealots, he raided the Blue Brothel. KriSS basically didn't give a shit, and before Michael could discover her secret stash of Bill Wurtz-memes, she quickly bribed him with a lot of Orthodoxy-memes and pics of lewd girls. Michael crossed himself to please Jesus and quickly led his men out of the Blue Brothel. KriSS had craftily managed to protect her meme trade and to this day she keeps trading in (outlawed) memes.

Customers Edit

- Emperor Ivan I himself (though there are rumours he doesn't go to buy memes)

- Patriarch Michael I

- All the autists of the city