...There was a cat...A very strange enchanted Cat...They say he wandered very far, very far...

Catleg exe


Blueminosmentos alias Bluemin and me Aku/H.R Giger Satan/Peacock #7 (the austistic Robocop with Stahlhelm) was wandering in the Anatolian wilderness, hunting like John II when a bunch of Ottofags attacked us...

That moment we knew we fucked up.

He looked at me like some sort of creep, but I said, np m8 I can handle this. Then I got my pouch out of my Byzantine clothing and started saying some weird magic spells. Then I grabbed my sword, pointed it into the sky, and then a DEADLY LASER came down from the sky, and It was the Pantokrator's DEADLY LASER. It hit my sword. It got charged with a bunch of energy.

Blueminotaurus said: Whoa... What a good looking man.

I said: Thanks, Super Mega Death Christ!

The Ottofags then started to pray to their "god"...

I cut Blueminium's hand (to obtain weird magic powers, that Bluemin has because I am not as Holy as Saint Bluemin the Great and Eternal) and then killed the Ottogays with the sword...

Then we continued our journey in the Taurus when we heard a big MEOW!

Catleg hideout

Chapter II, Book of Catleg:

Blueminiad and I were like, whoah that will be some big catto...

We were right, Catleg came out of a valley next to us...Catleg was just...just, beautiful...

I told Blueminion that this wild uncontrollable animal will be mine. He said OK. It's yours now.

I said OK, godmaster...

It ran after us until we get to the Armenian Highlands.Luckily we were travelling by the clouds.

After we got there, I came down from the sky. Bluemin the Ultra-God was looking down at me like his student. I know then that It was the time. I had to defeat Catleg. The beast was Meowing and screaming at me, as I got down...

I had to pet the cat from the lowest dungeon to the highest peak, I tamed him, the Catleg of Taurus.

The only way I was able to pet Catleg was that I used my sword, to make him peaceful.

The place where I finally made peace with the cat and became my catto:

Armenian Highland, where Catleg was tamed, a REAL BEAST, he was the REAL DEAL

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