Prelude Edit

Bluemin was growing more powerful every day, for his city almost had 13.000 citizens and it kept growing in size fast. Luka, the Sleeping King, was afraid that Brilliant might surpass his polis one day, and cowered to Zucc the Cucc, begging him to end Bluemin's life. Zucc couldn't do this directly without getting retaliation from the entire Blue Guard, but he had some dirty kike methods....

The attempt Edit

It was the dead of night. Bluemin was fast asleep together with his Guard in the Grand Hall of the palace, with coke, weed, wine and unconscious peasant girls lying around everywhere. It was at this time that a shady figure sneaked into the courtyard and was noticed by Demetrius, who was taking a piss. He ran back into the palace and woke Bluemin and told him to be careful, for someone must've come to assassinate him. Bluemin directly sprung up, and right as he did that, someone burst into the Hall, his nose a gazillion miles in lenght. From under his cloak, he drew a knife with a colour blue as bright as ice: the knife given to him by Zucc, which could kill any admin. Bluemin just in time reached for his Ban Cross, and a furious duel ensued, which woke the Guard up. They drew their weapons, but Bluemin defiantly refused any help: LeZucc smiled sinisterly. The duel was taken into the courtyard, with Bluemin barely evading and parrying the quick attacks of the agile assassin. Then, the assassin lunged for Bluemin's stomach, and the emperor was too slow. The knife hit its' mark.

The whole Guard gasped in terror, as the assassin started laughing hysterically. But it was another man's laugh who rose above it: that of Bluemin himself, as he spoke: ''You fool. Don't you know no weapon can cut through my abs?'', as he lifted his armour and showed his unharmed stomach. LeZucc cowered in terror as Bluemin raised his hammer, begged for mercy, but it was to no avail, as Bluemin struck him and lobbed him over the Citadel Wall into the depths below. When they went to retrieve the body to make a piñata out of it, they saw none. Surely the dark magic of Zucc must've had part in this... but how long before LeZucc would return?