German Jesus Edit

German Jesus is a german soldier, pious catholic and humble follower of Bluemin. He was born somewhat in the early 90's in a small village in eastern germany and followed a strict catholic childhood among his 5 siblings. Formerly known as "Rosettenbrand", he was given the name of German Jesus by the Lord Bluemin himself for his most noble strength in his faith.

Life Edit

As stated before, born and raised catholic in a small village in east germany, German Jesus followed the tradition of his family and joined the military. For this he is known throughout the guard as he served fighting in Afghanistan, Somalia and Western Saharah. Currently he is stationed in Iraq, training the Peshmerga Kurds for their fight against ISIS. It is known, that he really admires the support of his guardmembers and looks foreward to join the Mount and Blade: Warband squad when he returnes from service.

Family Edit

As a pious catholic, German Jesus is married to a lovely wife and awaits a daughter later this year or in the turn to next year.