Many years ago, in a squalid hovel somewhere in the Salt Marshes of Bulgaria during a blood moon a great REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE echoed across the land and Samuel was born.

Born of an unholy union of some poor bulgarian girl and a salt shaker he swiftly rose to power in the Church of Zucc which had a large following in Bulgaria. Known for his blood curdling screeches and terrible shitposting he was a fearsome member of their fel clergy.

Like many other Bulgarians he answered the call of the Zucc during the Siege of the Blue Citadel. Fighting ferociously his attacks hurt and wounded many Blue Guard but during the Battle he dueled Arn the Architect who put an arrow in his eye thus causing him to retreat to the Forest of REEEEEEEEEEE. He led what surviving Bulgarians he could find deep into the Forest of REEEEEEE and built a great shrine to Zucc. Angry and salty he now seeks to avenge this defeat.

Modern Day

His heart full of hatred he has a daily diet of salted babies, and shitposts. He is just waiting for a chance to strike the Blue Realm once more.

The Prophecy

Mighty and Fel the High Priest be

He shall make many bend their Knee

All his works shall be undone

For Bluemin's Wrath has yet to come....