One of the most sinister subjects of Basileus Bluemin the Great, he has on many occasions openly defied his emperor's orders and commands and sometimes lead revolts to seize power. It is yet unknown why the God-Emperor has not banished this "subject" of his and only punishing him with the weekly castration.

His evil intentions most likely have to do with his date of birth, for he was born in one of the most sorrowful days of history, the sack of Constantinople of 1204. During his early years, he spent his days torturing animals in the steep mountainsides of Pontus, legend states that he was so good in the barbaric capture and slaughter of animals that he was hired the court Chef's hunter. That is his strong love for the Komnenoi developed and is most likely the reason why he adopted the name Komnenus the Lesser when he first met God-Emperor Bluemin.

Yet so little is known about him, for his non-existent sanity is an enigma wrapped in a mystery.


Like all of the members of the Blue Guard he has achieved one of the grandest states of mental autism, one would think one with such autistic potential would be a priest of the Blue Cult, but strangely he harbours a strong hatred for the cult. He is known to be kind and well meaning even when talking to his Emperor.


  • The Turks
  • The Vardaskans
  • The Bohemians who take over the page here and there
  • The Blue Cult
  • Bluemin


He is skilled in the ways of rhetoric though he lacks skills in the vocabulary of Anglo-Saxon languages. His silver (shitty) tongue has helped him escape banishment many times, sadly his skill in rhetoric has not saved his balls (nor any of his bodyparts to be honest)