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The Forest of REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, it is a dark place just north of the Blue Citadel. Its southern boughs are like any other forest but the deeper into the trees you go the more......autistic it becomes.

The History

For the longest time this forest was like any other forest. Full of animals and sometimes obnoxious hunters,however like many things in the world it changed when the Great Schism hit. Many animals and desperate shit posters at one point or another hid beneath its canopy which offered the best shelter. Over time the vast majority of them left but the echoes of the first wave's autism still resonate through the trees. One can stand still within the forest and still hear whispered shit posts in the wind.

Cut forward a few years after the Siege of the Blue Citadel. In the aftermath of the fierce battle which saw the Bluemin and the Blue Guard defeat the forces of evil, many blind Bulgarians fled beneath the forest's trees. As to why the Bulgarian's fled that way instead of home no one knows. Many scholars speculate because they're blind and stupid. Others theorize it was because they could sense the old autistic energy from the first wave.

These Bulgarians set up a small town deep(there are rumors that within this town is a Shrine of Zucc where they salt things and sacrifice them to the Zucc) within the forest and always attack whenever a Spicy Bulgarian meme is made within the Blue Citadel. Screeching REEEEEEEEEEE they emerge and do battle invoking their god "Zucc". One must be careful treading the forest else they get "Zucc'd" like many other unfortunate shit posters.

Despite this danger, many Blue Guard and other shit posters venture into these woods to trigger the Bulgarians. One might say its a realm sport.