Overview Edit

On October 21, 2016, the Blue Guard infiltrated enemy lines and raided Club Penguin at approximately 21:00 Blue time. The outcome was devastating enough that some say it sparked the announcement of the closure of the site three months later. The raid, known as Operation: 1453 Was an Inside Job, consisted of a small team of specially equipped autists, led by Bluemin himself, tasked to sowing dissent among the Constantinople denying members of Club Penguin.

Historical information Edit

Result: Club Penguin walls were weakened by Greek Fire.

Belligerents: Weaponized Autists from the Blue Guard / Club Penguin Admins and 12 year old kids

Commanders and Leaders: Bluemin / Walt Disney

Strength: 2-3 autists / 230 million users

Casualties and Loses: 1 ban / multiple reports of triggered children and site closure

The Battle Plan Edit

On the day of the raid, the team had devised a way to bypass the Club Penguin firewall with Byzantine inspired names. This proved to be the hardest part of the operation as many names came under non-Greek fire for their content or length. Once inside, each member had to complete the beginning part of the tutorial as to not trigger the already suspicious admins, as many a Guard member had previously been zucced by these ban happy admins. Once the admin trust was gained, the brave guard members unleashed a barrage of spice throughout the server, infecting it with pro-Byzantine propaganda, and retreating back into the shadows once the seeds of dissent was sown.

The Raid Itself Edit

The Great Club Penguin Raid of 2016

The Great Club Penguin Raid of 2016

Operation: 1453 Was an Inside Job lasted approximately 2 hours long with great result. The Blue Guard were able to get through the firewall like the Ottomans the Kerkoporta in 1453. What was successfully recorded and smuggled out of the server is shown in the aside compilation video. The losses were minimal and the damages were devastating. The guardsmen infiltrating were able to accomplish the following:

  • Red pill 12 year olds
  • Evade insta bans
  • Trigger multiple Club Penguin users with Crusader memes
  • Buy fancy blanket capes
  • Use Greek Fire
  • Start a snowball fight
  • Win a dance competition
  • Pimp out our Club Penguin homes

The Aftermath Edit

As noted, the effects of the raid were not immediate. However, the wait was worth it as a few months later the site vanished. The Club Penguin Community effectively retreated behind a phone app paywall to deter any more raids from the Blue Guard, as we all know shitposting autists are almost always broke. This decisive victory for the budding guard was a springboard into The Great Schism as it instilled confidence among this ragtag group of autists to take on a bigger challenge, their master.