Reasons Edit

Bluemin strolled through the Blue City, and as he did, he passed a blacksmith with fine sets of armour. There was much to choose from, but his eye fell on the Blue Underpants of Agility and the Reenactment Sword of Womanizing. He bought is for a gazillion shekels and put them on, eager to show his new gains to his Guardsmen, slapping many a peasant girls' ass on the way (his Sword enabled him so). His Guard was flabbergasted, and they immediately fell to their knees and offered their respect to Bluemin.

Evolution Edit

Soon after, the Guardsmen also wanted such amazing gear as Bluemin and to be able to slap peasant girls' asses all day long, so they too went to the blacksmith and all bought the most autistic gear possible. Now, the whole Blue Guard paraded through the streets of the Blue City in what became the greatest display of force, power and autism the Blue Realm had yet seen. The whole populace went out to see, and Bluemin blessed all his citizens. The military parade had ended, but soon, another parade would come, no doubt.