Prelude Edit

Bluemin was rising in power at Bizarre Byzantine Memes, as he and his loyal friend Nash had successfully completed the Meme Ritual and resurrected the page from the dead. However, Bluemin was growing proud, was growing too proud, and he felt the time was right to claim what he thought was his: the Keys of Power of the page. So he and Nash clad themselves in the finest Byzantine armour and went to the Inner Sanctum of the Bizarre Palace.

There, he confronted the Bizarre Beast, who had awakened from his slumber (finally lmao he was sleeping for a year), and demanded the power. The Beast refused, and filled with rage, Bluemin and Nash charged the beast head on. The greatest battle in the history of Byzantine meme pages was about to begin.

The Battle Edit

The clash between the three was formidable, and the entire section of the Palace got blown away. The Bizarre Minions came from all sides, and Nash, Bluemin and their forces were pressed hard, but they had the dankest of memes and slayed every foe before them, getting closer and closer to the Beast.

Shields were shattered, skulls were smashed, and the bodies of the fallen started to pile up. Demonic fires blazed all around them, but the two rebellious admins stood their ground, fighting on for what was rightfully theirs. The battle lasted for hours, with not one side being able to overcome the other.

Eventually, the rebellious forces started to give way for the waves upon waves of dark shitposters; waves of salt crashed against their shield wall, as thousands of trolls charged them again and again. Roaches flew through the air as the Bizarre Beast launched his toxic gasses onto the battlefield. The situation was looking grim.

It was at that moment that Nash and Bluemin realised they couldn't win - but they could cripple Bizarre for generations to come. Together, they praised the Meme God and combined all the power they had left: they managed to nuke the Bizarre Realm entirely. Not one meme was left, and many followers of the Bizarre Beast were killed.

Aftermath Edit

Bluemin and Nash managed to escape with their lives, but they knew they couldn't sit still. They found the cave from which their riches in memes are flowing, and Bluemin founded the First Blue Empire on the 27th of November, 2016. The Great Schism isn't mended, however, and there is still a bitter feud between the two pages, that will most likely never be healed.