Origins Edit

It was at a most pleasant day that the Blue Cultists were chilling out on the steps of the Blue Church. They were all smoking the weed Mark Bout had brought and snorting the crack Patriarch Sean had brought off each others' ass cheeks, when suddenly, they heard a loud scream from inside the Palace. They all rushed (read: stumbled and crawled) into the Palace, where Bluemin was screeching in his throne room. Sean, who was the most sober, asked what was wrong. Bluemin cried that Patriarch Michael had smashed the wifi router with his Holy Cross because he discovered Bluemin used the internet to look up lewd pics of girls instead of Holy Scriptures like he promised. Sean told the Emperor not to worry, for he and the Blue Cult would look for pics that would satisfy him. So they searched the land far and wide, and even traveled to the ends of the earth, to bring back the finest girl pics. Bluemin was overjoyed and blessed them all.

The Great Flooding of the 5th of June 2017 A.D. Edit

However, the Blue Cultists thirst was not sated, and they kept importing girl pics. One day, the Decarch rushed (read: stumbled, for he was drunk as fuck again) into the throne room, screaming the markets were saturated with girls and that the merchants couldn't sell anything: the economy of the Blue Citadel threatened to collapse. It was then that Bluemin ordered a decree that limited the girlposts to three a day. He himself of course could still import as many as he wanted.

Rules concerning Girlpost-sacrifices Edit

First: the face of the girl should always be visible, because everyone knows the face is the most aesthetically (if you don't know what this means look it up you shitlord) pleasing part of the female body. The eyes, her smile; it is heresy to leave that out.

Second: her nipples must be covered at all times. We are not vulgar plebs.... meh, I guess you all are, but these are sacrifices for me, and so I demand that the girl looks beautiful, yet not erotic. This is why the nips should be covered.

Third: girl must be white (Asians and Latino's count as fair-skinned too in my eyes). Kinda self-explanatory here lmao

Fourth: this is not a porn group you thirsty autists. Only aesthetics!

Fifth: we all love sideboob, don't we? I sure do. Half-covered (side)boob for the win!

Sixth: no fcking traps you faggots. Really. It's called GIRLposting and it ain't a GIRL if it has a DICK. Fags.