Tensions between the Latin members of the Guard and the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church in the Guard, Michael had been rising over the last few weeks, with him being temporarily expelled by the Emperor for overstepping the Mark. With the Emperor drawing closer to his Latin loyalists, a confrontation was soon to emerge.

The Battle

Patriarch Michael soon launched an attack upon the Latins as they slept, Decarch British Samurai, the head of the Latin guardsmen, awoke to the sounds of yelling and donned his armour and weapons and rushed into battle. Seeing a fairly substantial group of Orthodox Zealots with Michael at the back directing them, he drew his sword and prepared for battle.

Soon joined by John Fox (Or Weeb as he is known) they rushed headlong into battle, in order to protect their fellow Latins. Zealots fell to their blades, blood spilling along the paving stones of the Blue citadel, salt soon began to spill instead of blood, as the Orthodox became increasingly incensed at the Latin's resistance.

Soon, it was only Michael left, and he fled to the Emperor palace, screaming that the Latins had attacked him unprovoked. Unfortunately for him, the Emperor had witnessed the entire thing, so as the blood soaked Latin loyalists made their way into the Palace, with the other members of the Guard, the Emperor ordered them to size Michael and cast him out of the Empire.


The Aftermath

With the expulsion of the Orthodox Patriarch, the Emperor Bluemin decreed that the Guard and Empire shall now adopt the Catholic faith, and thus, John was raised to the rank of Patriarch, and the true faith reigned.