History Edit

Everyone knows Bluemin as the respected, creative admin who cranks out millions of memes a day to sell at the Great Market. But did nobody ever wonder how Bluemin was able to do this? Sure, he's a Meme God and has autistic powers that shouldn't even be possible, but there's more. He has a dark secret...

For under the Citadel, billions of miles underground, there is a huge Sweatshop covering gorrilions of square miles, with at the entrance Autismus macht Frei in big, iron letters. In there, poor enslaved autists work 24/7 to provide the Market with spicy memes every day. The Brilliant Nobles supervise the work, and make sure only the best memes are delivered. To ensure the quality, they snort samples of the memes like madmen. Only when the quality is the best, it gets sent to the surface in a rocket. Everyday shekillions of autists die of exhaustion, but that's just a minor detail in history and everyone keeps denying it.

Business partners Edit

The Blue Brothel regularly places orders for Bill Wurtz-memes, because frankly, KriSS doesn't give two shits about ethics or autists. The only thing she cares about is that she can snort Bill Wurtz-memes off her boobs, which she of course does all day long.

Patriarch Michael I keeps denying it just like he denies everything, but he too places orders for the dankest Orthodoxy-memes. Every day he prays quickly for the dying autists to please Jesus.

Patriarch Sean doesn't really order memes, but every now and then he provides the credit cards the Brilliant Nobles use to make the memes into lines which they snort up.