Wood was born in the far east. He is the eldest son of an officer serving with Anglo New East India Company and the daughter of a prominent local landowner. He however would not inherit the lands of his maternal grandfather, as he was a bastard, born before the marriage of his parents, and stood no chance of inheritance with the birth of his younger siblings and cousins.

Due to these circumstances, he left his family's estate to seek fortune and glory as a mercenary.


Wood is an ambitious, intelligent and attractive gentlemen with an unchecked superiority complex, and an unhealthy obsession with non existent females from Japanese cartoons. He will defend the honour of his waifus to the bitter end, even though he knows, that they well never be real, and will never hear a cat-girl call him master.

He behaves with honour around those who he deems chivalrous, or worthy, but shows no mercy to uncivilised or dishonouralbe individuals.